Charged by You

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Crystals are natural energy holders. They emit energy by absorbing from other elements. By charging the stones with your own energy, you personalize your stone with your own intentions while amplifying the natural properties of the stones.
Think of your new crystal as a battery. Crystals vibrate at certain frequencies and emit their own energy. Because of this, when we practice with crystals, they can project positive energy into you. On the other hand, crystals can also absorb and emit negative energy. While some crystals deflect negativity, they still need their own energy to create a protective shield. However, just like a battery, the energy in your crystals will deplete and they will need to be recharged--that's where you come in.
Because crystals absorb energy from you, it’s important to clear your mind in order to begin cleansing your crystals so that you can charge them with your intention.


Before wearing or using your new Charged pieces, be sure to cleanse and charge your newly received crystals so that you can make your intentions a reality. 




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Each of us has our own mojo that we believe most empowers the crystal. Try them all and you will also recognize that each stone has their own preferences. Find a method that works for you and your crystals.

Before you start, clear the room with sage, open windows, or bells and be sure to clear your mind. The purpose of cleansing is to bring the crystal to a clear and pure state. As you are clearing and charging your stones, being clear of mind and setting your intention is key.

Hold, bury, or place your crystal under one of the elements above. Close your eyes, visualize your intentions, and let the stone absorb and charge from the energy of the element.
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