The Journey of your Jewelry

We wish we could hand deliver each of our bracelets to you. We could sit and chat and enjoy each other's company. But sadly, that is just not possible. We have to charge shipping on our products to make sure each bracelet gets to you safely and as quickly as possible.
The journey of your jewelry is quite the adventure. From sourcing genuine precious gemstones from around the globe, to quality checking each piece in our Los Angeles Headquarters, to its' pilgrimage to Sedona, AZ to get Charged in a high-energy vortex, and then your wrist!
We've made shipping affordable to our customers across the globe by providing just one flat rate domestic and one international shipping charge. This way, you can add as many bracelets to your stack as you'd like, and only have to pay one flat rate for shipping.
By charging sustainable shipping rates, we can do all that and provide fair wages to everyone in our manufacturing and supply chain.
Thank you for helping us do things right. Now what are you waiting for? Start your next bracelet's journey!